True Grit

True Grit

Grit… that’s what I need right now…. true GRIT! True DETERMINATION! True STRENGTH! I need to keep fighting my way out of this hole.

I need muscle!!
I need POWer!
I need WILL!
I need GRIT!
I’m down but I’m not out!
I’ll grit my teeth!
I’ll power up!
I’ll power through!

Grit and determination are going to be my strength today! I can’t fail and I can’t succeed without trying! True grit is the will power, determination, strength to claw, fight, succeed and TRUIMPH!  I will unbury myself, I will pull myself up! I will stand tall and I will reach the top! I will muscle up!! I am tough!! I have spirit!! I am resilient…hear me ROAR! True GRIT!


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