My 15 year old son “hit a nerve” last night….  Why do teenagers have to have such distain for their parents? Why does there have to be so much drama?   Why does there need to be fighting and frustration?  Why does there need to be the “you don’t know anything” battles?  Why do they feel the need to be so mean?

I know the “logical” answers to these questions.  Hormones, body changes, stretching their independence, trying to figure out where they belong, social pressures, school pressures….. but really why is it so painful and who has the most pain – the teenager or the adult!?

We are blessed with these precious little bundles of joy…. we were so happy to be parents. We love them unconditionally and would do anything for them.  Their pain is our pain, their joy and successes are our joy and successes.  Their battles are our battles.  We made sacrifices, we showed love, we tried hard to give all that we could, we guided them with affection and rules and expectations – become a good, contributing member of society, love and treat others the way you want to be treated, be happy.

Hitting the emotional nerve does not hurt any less than hitting the actual nerve.  The pain shoots through your body the same way- sharp, fast – electrifying.

But! Either pain heals after time.

We still love our children unconditionally and know they are just trying to stretch their wings – to grow up.   We let them have these feelings, experience these feelings and demonstrate these feelings because just like teaching them to eat, get dressed, read and write, it’s part of growing up.  “Hitting a nerve” physically or emotionally hurts but it’s all part of life – just have to wait for the pain to heal and go away.



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